Lawn mowing mistakes to avoid

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The path to a healthier lawn starts with lush green lawns. And though lawn mowing season may have passed, it’s never a bad idea to brush up on some tips to get you mowing like a pro. Luckily, you’re one step closer to a healthier lawn if you avoid the following mistakes.

Don’t cut wet grass

A rule of thumb is, if it’s wet, leave it alone. Mowing the lawn when it’s wet can spread any small patches of fungus and can create a disease infestation.

Improper use of fertilizer

What separates the lawn—mowing pros from the rookies is the type of fertilizer used. Healthy lawns require routine maintenance and knowing how much and when to apply fertilizer. Most lawns need 4-6 applications of fertilizer per year and generally, fall’s application is the most important. Fertilizing in moderation is also important, as too much fertilizer won’t allow the roots to grow well, and can also burn the lawn.

Don’t cut too short

Let’s face it, nobody likes mowing their lawns. So why not cut it as short as possible to avoid the chore for as long as possible, right? Wrong. You should only remove about 1/3 of the grass blade each time you mow. This is because mowing too low can leave your lawn prone to weeds and less capable of coping in the event of a drought or other environmental event.

Don’t ignore the roots

Caring for the grassroots and soil is one of the most important things you can do for your lawn. The roots are one of the main things that keep grass alive, so paying attention to this area is vital as well. Provide quality nutrients to your roots to help your lawn thrive. Getting a simple soil test done by your local garden store can also help determine what fertilizer to use.

Cutting with a dull blade

If your mower blade isn’t sharp, you’ll end up with torn or bruised shoots. sharpen your blade about twice per season for the best results!

As you can see, lawn mowing isn’t as simple as “cutting the grass”. Think of it as a recipe to achieve the perfect lawn and follow it to a tee!


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