Fall landscaping ideas

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We can all agree that fall foliage is beautiful! Soon your lawns will be adorned with bright orange, red and green leaves – though this might require even more maintenance to make your lawns look its absolute best. In this post, we’ll offer some ideas on how you can optimize the appearance of your home even when the leaves start falling.

Add seasonal decor

Halloween is just around the corner! Why not give your trick-or-treaters a perfect atmosphere that feels fall-esque and inviting. Lining your lawns and walkways with pumpkins can be just the touch you need to get in the holiday spirit – without spending a fortune. It’s also a fun activity the whole family can do together (follow it up with piping hot mugs of pumpkin spice lattes to sweeten the deal!).

Fall plants

Different colored potted plants are also a great addition to your landscape. Some trees, plants, and shrubs that would work well with the season are Red Maple ‘October Glory’ or ‘Red Sunset’, Zelkova, Japanese Maple, Red Barberry and hydrangea. The combination of pumpkins and plants would be a picture-perfect backdrop for your Thanksgiving photos!

Use the leaves

Don’t be quick to rake your leaves as soon as they fall. Yellow, red and crisp orange leaves can add a great touch along the sidewalks and around your trees. Though, be sure to keep in mind that frosty days are soon approaching, so being prepared is key. While you’re outside playing with the beautiful fall leaves, be sure to add a fresh layer of mulch to your beds to protect the roots from frost and retain moisture in preparation for the season ahead!

What’s your favorite fall landscaping tip? Be sure to share it with us!


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