Preparing for your winter landscaping

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Wintertime in Canada can be both beautiful and absolutely treacherous at the same time. But when we look past the icy roads, shoveling mountains of snow and freezing temperatures, winter has its moments. The best of all is awing the glorious winter foliage, lights and decor as you drive down your neighborhood. And with snowfall starting as early as this weekend – it’s time to start planning your winter landscaping. Keep reading for some tips on getting that cozy, winter look for your house.

‘Tis the season for evergreens

Evergreen trees and shrubs just scream winter! These trees transpire slowly over the winter months and have the ability to add beauty to any yard. Remember to protect your evergreens from winter winds and water them regularly (yes you have to water your plants in the winter!). As a general rule, each evergreen should receive at least an inch of water every week. Winter burn also occurs when evergreens dry out during the winter. Be sure to add mulch (a 3- to 6-inch layer will do the trick) to keep them looking their best.

Outdoor lighting

Highlight your winter landscape and create a warm atmosphere with winter lights. This can be done by installing low voltage path lights along your front walk or adding spotlights to show off your architecture.

Create an outdoor fireplace

Chestnuts roasting on an open-fire, after all! Create a spot in your yard or patio to place a fire pit loaded with wood and take your next holiday party even further. In fact, according to the 2012 Marshall & Swift Residential handbook, outdoor gas fireplaces can add anywhere from $3,500 on average to $10,000 in home value depending on the size and scope of the renovation. So, it’s a great investment as well as a must-have winter staple for your home (just don’t forget the outdoor heaters!).

Add bark

Bark is a staple every winter-enthusiast needs to adorn their yards with. It is a beautiful characteristic that is often overlooked yet provides tremendous ornamental value and creates texture in the garden. Dogwoods and birch trees are great for both texture and color.


Our advice: gear up for your winter landscaping before the snow sets in!


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